Tuesday, April 3, 2012

... and thankfully ... Snow

After a week of bone-dry humidity, temperatures in the 80's, and smoke in the air, Colorado returned to early spring with a dusting of snow. The fire in the foothills west of our home was almost completed contained, so this snow is welcomed and beautiful to complete dousing it. The deer herd came by early this morning to dig at the tender grass just under the snow and enjoy the last cool breath of winter.

We have bird feeders for Neko's enjoyment for the winter and we were close to taking them down. For the past couple of weeks, the birds have been enjoying the early spring bugs instead of the dried seeds, but today the bugs are holed up somewhere and the birds are back. So is Neko's birdwatching activities. As you can see, the birds have no fear of the black furry face behind the glass.  He wants to be an outside cat so bad.
I will miss winter. I figured someone has to.
Back to the needles.