Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Neko Lands a Job -- for me, that is.

I was just offered a freelance job based on my blog, specifically my stories about Neko. I go in for training tomorrow. I can always use more freelance work.
Thank you Neko for being such a psycho cat. You always told me it would pay off! We celebrated by sharing a bagel and cream cheese this morning.
Neko keeps our house free from mice, moths, flies and other tiny crawling things, but now he is getting me jobs. However, he did inform me that he wants an upgrade in his cat food now. No more of the 60 cents a can stuff -- it's time to shell out for the $1.25/one serving stuff.
I knew there's be a price to pay.


  1. Congratulations to you and Neko!!!

    (I'm Mary Kay from the KnitTalk group.)

  2. How exciting!!! Great job Neko but there is nothing that great in those $1.25 canned food - Tell your mother you deserve fresh steamed fish in a china bowl... I wish you both a great new adventure...

  3. I told Neko about this, and he said it has nothing to do with what is in the can. It's the price that costs. He is such a materialistic, narcissistic creature.

  4. What a nice thing ! Congratulations to you, and Neko, too. And do upgrade the cat food, for sure.