Sunday, April 29, 2012

JJ Baby Hats for the Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Faire is just a little over a month away and my fingers are flying making baby hats to sell. I have plenty of adult hats ready but very few kids' hats until this year. I am using the JJ Baby Hat pattern that is posted earlier in my blog. I have a wonderful hat stand made by my husband for my adult hats, but I plan to use baskets to hold the baby and children's hats as well as the scrunchies (pattern also included in this blog).

I purchased some baskets at World Market when they were 50% off. However, as you see, one of my baskets has been confiscated by a little demon who decided that my scrunchies needed a dose of black cat hairs. Don't worry, I took the scrunchies out and replaced them with his blanket. A bright yellow scrunchy is diminished with streaks of black.

Scrunchies may really be out of style. Neko can't figure out what they are for either.

My hat rack

Occupied hat rack at the Renaissance Faire, Summer 2011


  1. The collection of JJ baby hats really look awesome, the color of the hats are amazing. Most of the Renaissance Faire used to wear these hats which enhance their beauty. These hats are made by hand give good warmth.
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  2. Where did you purchase the hat rack from.

  3. Actually, my husband built it. The hat holders are actually old CDs which is why you can see the products so well. Let me know if you want him to built you one. Since he is retired and needs a project!