Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Deer Cat

The Stare-Off
It's spring in Colorado. Neko and I went out on the deck this morning, only to find out that our yard was a resting place for the deer herd. It is one of the true pleasures of living in the foothills. The deer hang out in our yard because most of our neighbors have dogs. Little do they know that they have more to fear from my little demon.  He could take them all. He is leaning over the railing of deck to growl and hiss at the deer. If you read my post on Why Cats are Finicky Eaters, I realize that I need to add Venison in a Velvety Cream Sauce to the line of cat food.
Can you find all five deer in this picture?
The deer may watch us, but they really don't have fear of us any more.

The only unfortunate part of having so many deer around is that having a garden is impossible. However, I am not ashamed to say that I don't like gardening. I have no problem admiring other people's gardens, but I don't mind walking away. I was not meant to be a gardener:
- I don't like heat.
- Everyone in my family is allergic to flower pollen.
- I am not a sun worshipper.
- I grew up on a farm. I had to walk through bean fields my entire childhood to pull or cut cockleburrs. I've done my share
- I don't getting my hands dirty.
- I don't like heat.
- Gardening ruins my nails.
- Some weeds are pretty.
- Gardening requires water and we live in a semi-desert area.
- I would rather shop at a Farmer's Market than grow my own vegetables. I like to support those who like to garden.
- Finding bugs in the dirt creeps me out.
- I love having the deer in my yard.
- Finally, I don't like heat!
(Did I mention that I don't like hot weather)

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  1. Love seeing the deer. Several years ago, we visited friends in Oroville, CA which is semi rural. In the morning the deer would wander through their yard and their cat would hang out with the deer.