Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby JJ Cap

This is a simple baby hat I made for my son’s friends. They are expecting a baby girl who will be named Jennifer Jane, shortened to JJ.  It is done in a twisted rib so it is very, very stretchy. She will be able to wear this hat for at least a couple of years.

I used a pink self-striped yarn that also had a green and white pattern in it. I only wanted the pink for the first hat because I didn't know how the ribbing would look. So I cut the yarn just as the green and white started, and wrapped it in a small ball. I then used it to make a scrunchy (see my blog posting on Tribbles). 

I did make a second hat with the green and white design, and it really doesn't look so bad.  I still liked the pure pink shades better.

1 skein Baby Jacquards Floral, Rosebud (90% acrylic, 10% nylon, 100 g/3.5 oz./ 316m/346 yards. (There is enough yarn to make at learn three hats from one skein. I made two hats and two scrunchies and still have plenty left over).
Size 6 (4mm) 16” circular needle
Size 6 (4mm) double pointed needles
Stitch marker
Yarn needle
Gauge: 2” = 12 stitches (6 twisted ribs)

Cast on 80 stitches. Join being careful not to twist the stitches.
Every row: K1 in twisted stitch, P1. Continue knitting in the round until piece measures 5½”.

Twisted Knit: Knit into the back of the loop.

Switch to double pointed needles when necessary.
Round 1: SSK the entire round (40 stitches)
Round 2: Knit every stitch in twisted stitch and even-numbered rows.
Round 3: SSK the entire round (20 stitches)
Round 5: SSK the entire round (10 stitches)
Cut yarn, leaving an 8” tail. Cut yarn, thread through the remaining stitches and secure tightly.  Weave in ends.

You can alter the pattern easily to make hats bigger or smaller. Just make the number of stitches an even number, or use a larger or smaller needle. 

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