Saturday, April 27, 2013

The View from my Office at Work

I just completed my first week of work at my new job (yes, it's still an awesome job). My office faces east which is usually not as desirable in the Denver area because the mountains are to the west.

However, this is what I see outside my window. The Trinity United Methodist Church is across the street just along 18th Street. This stone church is over a century old and a pleasure to look at. So far, I have seen it in rain, snow, and sunshine -- that is probably also unique to the Denver area. I haven't heard the bells yet. I understand they are played during the holidays.

So I have the weekends now to knit, but I am going to finish my Carmel Jacket this weekend if it kills me.

Back to the needles.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


It's a basket. I must sit in it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Knitting on the Train

I have been at my job for a week now, and just in case you are wondering, it is going very, very well. I could tell you all about my job, but that would not be a good idea. I could also tell you that my work is very secretive and involves national security, but that wouldn't be true. I could tell you that I am working with highly sensitive materials that could cause world-wide destruction, but that also wouldn't be true. The truth is that my job is very routine, working in a small law office. Unless I tell you something really, really exciting about my job, just assume that it is rather boring to write about.

One of the pleasures of my new job is that I am riding the Light Rail into downtown Denver. For a city in the middle of the country, Denver has a wonderful transit system, especially if you work downtown. I am able to get on a train and less than 35 minutes later, I get off the train, walk two blocks and I am at work. I get to spend that time reading, listening to the radio, and knitting whizzing by the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the street next to me. 

In the short week I have been riding, I have discovered if you want people to talk to you on the train, knit. On nearly every ride to and from, the person sitting across from me has mentioned my knitting. 

  • If the passenger is a woman, she first tells me she likes the colors (I am still working on my yellow, orange and pink shawl shawl) or asks what I am making. If she is knitter, she tells me what she is working on, or that she wants to get back into knitting, or where do I buy my yarn. If she is not a knitter, she always says she wishes she knew how or is intended to learn soon. 
  • If the passenger is a man, he says his wife, his mother, or his grandmother is a knitter.  They go on to describe the hat, the afghan, the scarf, or the sweater she made for him. You can tell by his face that his memory of his mom or grandma is especially sweet. Maybe that's part of the gift of knitting.
I have always encouraged knitters to KIP (Knit in Public), not just to bring more visibility of knitting, but also to enhance the magic of knitting. I see a lot of people watching me as I knit. It's the same view out the windows every day, changed only the rain, snow or sunshine of the seasons, so I find eyes resting on my hands as I run the changing colors of my self-striping yarn through my fingers and looping around my needles. 

I have also learned that if I don't want to talk to anyone, read a book.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Carmel Jacket - progress

Carmel Jacket by Caron
(Pattern link at bottom
of post)
I am working on this jacket and am really loving how it is turning out. However, I changed the pattern. One of these days, I will actually follow the patterns word for word. I have this wonderful yarn from MadelineTosh in a luscious dark blue. Since it is a lace yarn, I altered the pattern to add more stitches and I also used a large needle so it would be lighter. I am never cold, so the light yarn and construction should be perfect for me.

I just joined the sleeves to the body of the sweater, so I am at the underarms. Now that I am a couple of days from finished it, I am fired up to proceed!
The body of the sweater is done.
Just about to add the sleeves.
The color is much darker than this picture.

This color is closer to true.

Back to the needles, blazing away!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Changes ...

Things seem to go so slowly and then change and change and change.
Working on my cowl

I started a new job last week and then I was offered another job. I must have sent out over 200 resumes and didn't hear anything for weeks. I have a total of five interviews and was then offered a seasonal job with a 38-mile commute. No benefits, no holiday, sick or vacation. So I took it. I was beginning to think that nothing would happen and this was better than nothing. 

I hated the commute. Even with CD books, all I could think of was how much wear and tear this job was causing my precious Prius (I really love my Prius). I traveled on three different interstates, fighting the traffic and sunshine slow down. The job was actually kind of fun and if was closer, I would have been happier.

So when I was offered a job at a law firm downtown (I have 22 years of experience as a paralegal), I had to take it. It is twice as much money, shorter commute, benefits -- and it's downtown Denver! I have worked downtown before and always enjoyed it. But now, I can also take Light Rail. The train stop is only one block from the office and the time on the train is my own. I can knit, or read, or knit, or listen to music, or knit, and when nothing else is going on, I can knit! It will actually take me longer to drive to the train station than it will to ride the train downtown. And downtown Denver in the summertime is magical -- the street performers, sidewalk art shows, great lunch places, people watching.

I felt bad about leaving a job I was only at for one week until my friend pointed that it was a temp job and they wouldn't hesitate to lay me off. That made me feel better. So I have a couple of days to knit at home before packing my knitting bag to step on the train. I am working on my Carmel Jacket, so I will post some work-in-progress photos in the next day or so.

Back to the needles.