Sunday, April 14, 2013

Carmel Jacket - progress

Carmel Jacket by Caron
(Pattern link at bottom
of post)
I am working on this jacket and am really loving how it is turning out. However, I changed the pattern. One of these days, I will actually follow the patterns word for word. I have this wonderful yarn from MadelineTosh in a luscious dark blue. Since it is a lace yarn, I altered the pattern to add more stitches and I also used a large needle so it would be lighter. I am never cold, so the light yarn and construction should be perfect for me.

I just joined the sleeves to the body of the sweater, so I am at the underarms. Now that I am a couple of days from finished it, I am fired up to proceed!
The body of the sweater is done.
Just about to add the sleeves.
The color is much darker than this picture.

This color is closer to true.

Back to the needles, blazing away!


  1. You mean the pattern instructions aren't just suggestions? 8-)