Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Changes ...

Things seem to go so slowly and then change and change and change.
Working on my cowl

I started a new job last week and then I was offered another job. I must have sent out over 200 resumes and didn't hear anything for weeks. I have a total of five interviews and was then offered a seasonal job with a 38-mile commute. No benefits, no holiday, sick or vacation. So I took it. I was beginning to think that nothing would happen and this was better than nothing. 

I hated the commute. Even with CD books, all I could think of was how much wear and tear this job was causing my precious Prius (I really love my Prius). I traveled on three different interstates, fighting the traffic and sunshine slow down. The job was actually kind of fun and if was closer, I would have been happier.

So when I was offered a job at a law firm downtown (I have 22 years of experience as a paralegal), I had to take it. It is twice as much money, shorter commute, benefits -- and it's downtown Denver! I have worked downtown before and always enjoyed it. But now, I can also take Light Rail. The train stop is only one block from the office and the time on the train is my own. I can knit, or read, or knit, or listen to music, or knit, and when nothing else is going on, I can knit! It will actually take me longer to drive to the train station than it will to ride the train downtown. And downtown Denver in the summertime is magical -- the street performers, sidewalk art shows, great lunch places, people watching.

I felt bad about leaving a job I was only at for one week until my friend pointed that it was a temp job and they wouldn't hesitate to lay me off. That made me feel better. So I have a couple of days to knit at home before packing my knitting bag to step on the train. I am working on my Carmel Jacket, so I will post some work-in-progress photos in the next day or so.

Back to the needles.

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