Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kitty Gloves -- My new favorite project

Last years, it was an obsession with socks; it appears this year it will be an obsession with fingerless gloves.

I love this pattern and I love these fingerless gloves. It's not surprising that it involves cats. The only difference is that it is not a black cat.  It would be hard to create a pattern with black because there just wouldn't be enough contrast.  I see that enough with photographs of Neko.  He just blends into a solid block of black in most pictures.

It's a good thing because I am going to have to make two pairs.  I accidentally made two left hand gloves and didn't realize it until I was nearly done with the second one. So I finished it and made a right hand glove. I plan to start working on a second right hand glove in the next week or so. I am sure I have some friends who would love this as a Christmas present.

Product DetailsNo, this is not my original pattern. It came from the pattern book "Woodland Knits," a truly delightful book with more playful patterns. There are a few more projects  that I plan to make from this book.

Back to the needles.