Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Preparing for Possible Evacuation

Yes, we are fine. We are not in an evacuation  or pre-evacuation area yet. We are not directly in the path of the Lower North Fork Fire yet, but we are making some basic preparations for evacuation. Right now, the fire is about five miles directly west of us, but the winds are blowing to the north and away from us. We love living in the Colorado foothills and next to a forest. In fact, Pike National Forest ends at our back door, but this is one of the dangers. This is a semi-desert climate, so it can get very dry and in danger of fire. We have lived in Roxborough since 1986 and we have been evacuated twice in the past (with no damage). Hopefully, we won't have to again.

The fire has destroyed about 25 homes so far, and 2 people have died, so this is a dangerous one. Yesterday, the wind was terrible with gusts up to 50 mph. Today is calmer so the firefighters are making some headway. However, the winds are supposed to be back tomorrow, and if the wind direction changes to the east, we need to be prepared.

I'm ready.
 I pulled out the cat carrier and packed a little bag for Neko. I will put his blanket in the box in later. He looks happy and content now, but if we really have to go, he will not be as content -- in fact, he will be down-right nasty. 

By the way, that is a Kitty Tube behind him. It is Neko's favorite toy. He runs through it at lightning speed or hids from the world around him. His favorite game is to lay in wait for someone to walk by and pounce at ankles. Then he laughs at you and crawls back in, really for the next victim. I suppose I will have to take the Tube with us too.

Next to my cat, I am most worried about my yarn stash. It will be hard to take it with me and even harder to replace.

Back to the needles ... for now.


  1. Put as much yarn as you can in rubbermaid containers. A friend had a house fire and whatever was in the RM containers stayed safe. You will be in my thoughts. Good luck.
    Carol S.

  2. I will keep you in my prayers - twice I have had to leave the farm due to fires. One year one of my great pry's just had puppies - so to pack up our lives, load the trailer and truck with the dog's and puppies and then give the sherrif the O.K. to let all 200 animals go if the fire came close was one of my worst days - we lucked out and the fire came within 1/2 mile of the farm but they stopped it there. I am not sure if I am up for another year of this. Be Safe

  3. I've never had to deal with fires...ice storms, yes, but not fire. I wish you and Neko the very best.