Thursday, March 22, 2012

147 sounds

I read somewhere that dogs can vocalize 24 different sounds while cats can vocalize 147. This makes total sense to me.
I hear all 147 of these sounds between 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning. This is because Neko thinks I have slept long enough.  I notice that he doesn’t go to Ken’s side of the bed, only mine. I especially like the sound I heard this morning “Huk, Huk, haaaaaa-pewy!” Hair ball on the rug.  Right where you would walk if you got out of bed with bare feet.
Plus it gives him room in his tummy to eat some more. On my way to get the carpet cleaner.  The joys of having a cat.


  1. Three of my dogs, Luque, his daughter, Whitney and his grandson Chase all 'talk' to me when excited or want something. His other daughter and grand daughter do not. The talking ones are really quite funny. It' a variation of a howl, each doing it differently. Chase is like yawn!

  2. Our cat is the same He talks all the time to my hub though as he likes him better, he's a rescue cat and I think a woman hurt him once and I'm getting the feedback.

  3. I think Neko was hurt by a woman once too because he adores my hubby and ignores me if I let him.

  4. Sometimes I wake up to the sounds of my kitty and she sounds just like my little grandson in his crib. Then I remember he is not here overnight that night.......

  5. LOL, what a funny post!!!

    My Pomeranian (Whitney) is the most vocal dog ever. I swear she is telling us the most amazing story with so much passion and detail. Wish I knew what it was about. :)

    Hugs to Neko.