Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Cats Like Library Books

Cats are so much smarter than we think they are. Neko communicates with other cats in other houses using books.
When I bring a bag of books home from the library, Neko can’t wait to get to them.  I set them on the counter and within seconds, he has sniffed and rubbed against them, knocking them onto the floor. Then he joins them on the floor by pushing them around on the floor, climbing on top of them, rubbing his nose on the spines of the books, and finally laying on top of them.
I always have about a dozen library books out at one time – about half murder mysteries and half knitting pattern books. As you probably know, people who knit are very into cats, so most of the knitting books have been checked out before by other cat lovers.  Their cat(s) has sniffed the books and rubbed against them, leaving messages for other cats.
So just what are the cats saying to each other? So are they plotting to take over the world?
Cats have already replaced dogs as the number one pet owned in America. This was actually a successful plot hatched by cats using library books. They exchanged tips about how to make themselves adorable and irresistible to humans. They keep their furs soft and fluffy so that you cannot resist touching it. So you reach out to touch the fur, and the cats lean into your touch and rub you back. Your heart melts and you have to have a cat. They arrange to use a litterbox so that you don’t have to walk them outside when the temperatures go below zero and the wind cuts into your face, or when the temperatures are over 100° sapping every bit of energy from your body. A cat will come and sit in your lap. You don’t move for hours letting your cup of coffee go cold and skipping your lunch.
Watch out, people – cats are planning to take over the world. Instructions available at your local library.

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