Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Horn Sheep in Waterton Canyon

About two miles from our home is one of the more beautiful and scenic bike rides in all of Colorado called Waterton Canyon. It's slightly uphill the entire way, so when you turn around and head home (all tired and exhausted), you sail back downhill to civilization. Since it is so close to our home, we go several times a year. Colorado can have beautiful 60 degree weather, even in the winter time, so biking is a year-around activity.

And nearly every time we do, we see the big horn sheep herd.  Usually, they are high on a bluff overlooking the bike path, but the last few times, they have been on the road.  Such as yesterday. While on the path, I suddenly heard a couple of small rocks falling down the hill -- this really is a canyon. I looked to my right and there was the entire herd, only a few feet away. Pull out the camera phone (hey -- they would have pulled theirs out too if they had any to take pictures of us).

Without caring whether we were there or not, they walked down the hill, took a saunter down the road, and climbed up the next hill. We did notice that none of the rams were around. Usually a herd this size has one accompanying them. I have a feeling that he did something that ticked off the ewes, and he is sleeping in the doghouse. Fortunately, dogs are allowed in Waterton Canyon.

The end.

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