Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hats, Hats and More Hats

No name yet hat
I have spent a lot of my spare time knitting hats. I have always loved knitting hats. I don’t even want to guess how many I have downstairs in my Renaissance Faire stash.  I have recently been using lots of a silk wool yarn mix to make these hats. I have several colors and have been trying to combined colors. For some reason, I am not that crazy about intarsia or fair isle knitting. I love the effect but I get bored with having to look at a pattern every few seconds to see what is next.  This hat I haven't written up the pattern for yet, but I do like how it turned out. It looks more purple than blue, but it is a blue yarn. 

Don't Have to Think Hat

I usually have a hat going that I consider my "Don't Have to Think" hat. It is a hat pattern that I can take with me to knit on the road. I don't need a pattern because it is a basic pattern.  You never know where you will be stuck just waiting--waiting. I swear I have knitted entire hats waiting in the car outside a Home Depot while Ken is inside purchasing some silcone caulk or copper piping or some wing-waggle. This hat can be considered a "Don't Have to Think" hat. It is actually the free pattern on this blog called the Justin/Justine hat. It is made in Mini Mochi with beautiful shades of blue. This one I may have to keep myself because it matches my coat.
Stay tuned for my maroon and pink snowflake hat and hopefully a plaid hat. I am making a Don't Have to Think Hat about of bright blue and black variegated yarn that is hiding somewhere in my purse. 
Back to the needles.

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