Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Animation in the Rocks

The Thinker
The red rocks in Roxborough come to life if you just give them a chance. All you have to do is look.

You might see an alligator, a dinosaur, or portrait of your Uncle Herman. Sometimes, it looks like the portrait of a president, an elf, or a gargoyle.
Mountain Goat
When we took our hike on Sunday, we captures some of these lively characters. I would like to think at night they come alive and play in the valleys and peaks, returning to their daytime poses contemplating their adventures. They watch us as we walk by, snickering at their deception. That's the sound you hear as the wind rustles the trees as you walk by. Maybe you stopped because you thought you heard something behind you.

"What was that?" you ask your hiking partner. "Did you hear that?"

But everything is silent. It must have been your imagination.
You continue on your way, not noticing that crease in the rock behind you is now curved into a slight smile.

African Lion face
Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Lion
Howling Coyote

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  1. Wonderful memories that you bring back to my mind. We really enjoyed our trip there, I believe it was in 2001, so much beauty in Colorado. Thank you for sharing!