Saturday, January 5, 2013

How Dumb Does He Think We Are?

Every morning Neko plays a game on Ken and me. No matter which one of us gets up first, he meows, cuddles up against the leg, and basically looks cute and adorable. With all our defenses down, we head to the pantry to fill his food dish.

Then the other of us gets up and he pulls the same trick. At first, we thought he was just a Hobbit trying to get Second Breakfast, but after 9 years of this behavior, it dawned on me: He really thinks we are that dumb! Doesn't he know Ken and I talk to each other? Instead of "Good morning" as our sunrise greeting, our first words to each other is always "Did you feed Neko?" The answer is always "Yes."

Yet there are those two yellow eyes staring at me, pleading for his food dish to be filled again. His fur is so soft, his tail is so straight, and his gravelly meow is so sweet that you can't help melt and grab the Ocean Whitefish or Tuna Treasure flavored cat food can and spoon out another morsel or two. And maybe this time, he will appreciate me, or thank me, or maybe just not be so distant to me.

Fat chance. Maybe we really are that dumb. Maybe he really is a Hobbit.

Gotta go. Time to feed the cat.


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