Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ram Horns

Back in March 2012, I wrote about the herd of bighorn sheep that live in Waterton Canyon, only about four miles from our house. Waterton Canyon is my favorite bike ride mainly because of the herd. We see them nearly every time we go to the canyon.

On our last bike ride, this big guy just walked up on the road and posed for us. The Big Horn Sheep is Colorado's state animal, and well-deserved.  It is also the mascot of Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

Now my sons did not attend CSU; they went to the University of Colorado in Boulder and Denver. But my 'third son' Eric did attend CSU. Eric and my son Dane have been best friends since grade school and were almost inseparable. Dane was Eric's best man at his wedding and they do a video blog together on YouTube. (If you want to see it, check out

Future CSU alum Oscar
modeling his new hat.
So when Eric and Margaret had a baby last month, we had to go visit them. Also being a knitter, I had to make Oscar some hats, including a Rams Horn Hat.  The pattern is in this book but I make the hat in the colors of the CSU Rams, green and yellow. It turned out adorable!

And I had to make him a Colorado hat as well. He might have to grow a little more before his hat fits perfectly.

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