Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our Cougar Appears To Be Gone

Neko checking out the deer from our deck

Our backyard is filled with the deer herd and, according to the Department of Wildlife, that is an indication that our mountain lion has moved on. All the neighborhood pets are still around and there have been no reports from anyone seeing him/her. We are safe again -- for awhile. Like I said before, we wouldn't even know we had a lion in the neighborhood if it didn't snow and find paw prints.

We are also having unseasonably warm weather again in Colorado. We are under a "severe drought" with the moisture being about half of what it should be. It is January, and the temperatures are in the low 50's today. We should have some temperature in the 70's early next week.  That probably also means we will have a horribly hot summer again. I think I need to move further up in the mountains.

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