Thursday, July 19, 2012

What To Take? What to Take?

We are going on vacation next week. We are driving to Calgary (from Colorado), so I will have lots of time to knit while we listen to books on DVD.  I went to our library's website and ordered several "books," ranging in topics that should please everyone. (Yes our two adult sons are going with us). I have already made a list of other things we need to take since we may be camping along the way, such as flashlights, pillows, towels, and necessary things such as chargers for phones, cameras, and laptop, sun screen, medicine, and so forth. I already know what clothes and sundries I need to bring. We have someone staying at our house to take care of Hannibal Lector, aka Neko, so I am all set, right?

Wrong! I don't know what knitting projects I want to bring. Should I bring sock and hat patterns and yarns because they small and easy to carry, or should I bring my sweater so I can get some progress on that? What if I don't like the yarn or pattern I am doing and want to start again. Maybe I should make a shawl, but which pattern. I often change my mind several times before settling on a pattern.

And the patterns. Should I do a simple pattern that I don't have to follow along, or do I want to do a lace pattern that I have to follow along? How much should I take along?  How many books can I take with me before someone complains? However, I know I will forget the one book that contains the pattern that I absolutely have to knit at that moment.

What about a variety of yarns? At home, I have my entire stash close at hand (which I believes exceeds some yarn stores), but I don't have room in the car to bring tons with me. Do you suppose the boys would agree to leave some clothes at home so I can bring more yarn? Do we really need sleeping bags?

And needles! What if I need to go up or back a needle size and I don't have that size with me. And should I bring double pointed needles, circular needles, or straight needles? 

I only have a few days to decide, but I am having an anxiety attack! I need drugs. Drugs such as a light blue alpaca lace yarn, or a worsted weight yarn in heather green. That might help. 

Only one way to calm myself. Back to the needles.

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  1. there are shops along the way, and in Calgary. Get some socks started, mindless knitting.