Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Canada - Day Two - Lethbridge and Japanese Gardens

Lorne and Dane as one
After driving straight for 15 hours, we made it to Lethbridge, Alberta. Keep in mind that we took off at 8:00 in the evening so we drove all night -- well, I drove all night. Ken thought with four drivers that it would be easy. However, these guys are wusses when it comes to losing sleep. I never got any sleep until last night, but I slept like a log when I finally laid out.

The only thing we were up for was a walk in these Japanese gardens. Leave it to my boys to reach back to their theater roots and play. However, I don't think I have to worry about them becoming monks.

We ate at a steakhouse called Montana's last night. Interesting that the Colorado people go to Canada to eat at Montana.  Anyway, our waiter told us it has been very warm in Alberta lately too. It got into the 80's twice in the last week.  I am ready to move to Canada.

On to Banff today. We are hoping to rent some bikes and do a bike ride as well as take pictures of the scenery.
I am working on my brown hat for Lorne while we are driving. I want to finish it while we are all together so I can get a picture of all my men in their hats. Now that would be "as one."

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