Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canada - Day Five - Dinosaurs and Hutterites

Cayla and Ashley Ortiz with their cousins Dane and Lorne
At the first day of the Gackle family reunion. This is Ken's mother's paternal side of the family, so I am a Gackle by marriage.  Since the Gackle are mainly German, a Swede like me really stands out. 

We had a tour of a Hutterite Colony this morning. It is a religious community much like the Amish. They served us lunch and then gave a tour of their farm. However, my family sneaked out before going into one of the barns to head for the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

If you like dinosaurs, the best museum in the world has to be the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. All it has is dinosaurs -- nothing else. I think it is a rule of nature that if you are the mother of boys, you have to deal with dinosaurs in your life. With the dinosaur cartoons, toys, bones puzzles, and books, I think half of the stuff in our basement from the boys' childhood is about dinosaurs. There is a large dig near the museum and this is the place where the Albertosaurus was discovered (see the facts that I have obtained over the lifetime of my sons?)

The next few days will be very low key, with lots of visiting and storytelling with the multi-generations of Gackles here. We have ages from about 5 to 94, so there is quite a range. On Saturday, I am not planning to anything but knit and visit.

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