Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canada - Day Six - Family Time

Us! Lorne, Ken, Dane, and me
It was really nice to not have to be in a car today. The Gackle Family Reunion is in full swing with volleyball, pictures, talking, talking, music, talent show, auction and basic sharing. We have people from the US, Canada and Germany.

The three Gackle US Sisters, Rachel Pribbeno, Leah Huber,
and Eltina Wright

Rachel's Family L to R:
 Cayla, Ashley, Paul and Kathy Ortiz,
Ken, Rachel,  me, Dane and Lorne

L to R: Courtney and Myron Hall,
Matthew Benedict, Janet Hall, Leah,
Tom, Gwen, Ian  Benedict, Eltina
There are many more pictures of the other families, but I realize that these are really only important to the people in the family and I won't post all of them here.  

We will be heading out on Sunday and making the trek back to Colorado. We are seriously thinking of driving through Yellowstone on our way back. I worked at Old Faithful Lodge for two summers during my college years, so I can always do back. 

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  1. Isn't it nice being part of a family that gets together occasionally? Last summer I went to a reunion of my mother's family. Only two of her siblings are still living, but there are plenty of us cousins and our children, grandchildren, etc., spread all across the US. Last year we had 75 or 80, ranging in age from infant to mid-80's. We've been doing this every four years since 1958. Great fun!