Monday, July 2, 2012

Renaissance Fair 2012

 I wish the Renaissance Fair was held a little earlier in the year, but it was so horribly hot this year that it wasn't as much fun this year. We have been suffering with temperatures over 100 degree, which is very rare for Colorado, and with the fires about 20 miles away, we occasionally could smell it too. But I survived. I was there for Children's Weekend, but the crowds were small and surprisingly few kids. 

Raven's End
Every now and then, a breeze would fly through the shop and it was like being kissed by a dragon. I also noticed that there are a lot more fairies and pirates than princes and princesses. Interesting about the pirates, they didn't come along until a few centuries after the Renaissance. 

Catnip Mice

Foxy guys

Knitting and Spinning: I'm on the left and Julia, the owner on the right

Friendly Dragon

Scrunchies are in!

My hair braided

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