Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summertime Fingers and Toes.

I am such a girl.

One of the few things I like about summer is pedicures. Remember, I am the one who hates summers -- heat, bugs, sweat, allergies, and of course, the heat (maybe I already mentioned that, but it needs to be repeated).  I love my hand-knitted socks but I rarely wear them in the summer.

I have this wonderful sundress full of sunflowers, so I had to have toes to match. These are my toes against the print and you can see they turned out great. I almost feel like I am dancing through a sunflower field with such abandonment that you can hear the flutes playing in the background, see little bunnies waving at me beside the path, and birdies scoop down to drape a delicate shawl around my shoulders. The image falls apart when I starting sneezing, sweating, and wheezing with a fog of pollen surrounding me. I rush back into the house to down a glass of wine. Alas.

And while getting my toes done, I get my nails done. This is my tribute to my little black kitty Neko, also known as Hannibal Lector. And this little kitty doesn't even want to scratch or bite me. I did show them to Neko; he just hissed at them.  Well, maybe he was hissing at acetone-scented nails pushed in his face.

Painted fingers and toes are a passing fancy for just a few weeks until a whim changes them again.

Well, I have a day with no plans, so back to the needles.

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