Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Passion -- Lace Knitting

I get most of my knitting books at the library. Our local library carries just about every new knitting book and even though I might have to wait a few weeks to get my turn at it, I get three luscious weeks to explore the patterns in the book. So when I saw a new book entitled "New Vintage Lace," I put a hold on it, and checked my email every day to see if it was my turn.

So when I got the book, I looked at it for one day and then took it back to the library. That's because I went to my local yarn store and purchased it. There were just too many patterns in the book that I have  to make that three weeks just wanted enough time. It is a very worthwhile purchase.

My first project was a shawlette called the Blue Dahlia. I made it without the beads in a wonderful alpaca lace yarn. It is one of those patterns you have to follow every row practically stitch by stitch, and mark the row when you finish (I use a sticky note).

So I spend an entire week in my easy chair, enjoying the air-conditioning, and worked on my bright blue shawl. I didn't even want to stop to eat or sleep, it was so much fun.

So come, on cold weather! I want to wear my scarf to work and be the height of fashion!

Until then, back to the needles.

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