Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Skunk in the 'hood

I usually love living in the foothills of the mountains in Colorado, but this is not one of those times.

We are taking care of a dog for a friend of ours while she is the hospital. Izzy is a 15-year-old Jack Russell terrier and is usually a pretty sweet guy. However, last night when Ken took him out, Izzy dashed out the door, snapping the lease from Ken's hand. The reason was soon apparent as a very potent smell exploded into the air. Izzy came running back into the house like his tail was on fire.

So Izzy smells, Ken smells, the basement smell, in fact the entire house smells! It's too late at night to try to clean him up too much, so we put Izzy in the downstairs bathroom. But it really doesn't do too much to help the situation. I swear you could almost feel the skunk smell on your face as you were trying to sleep.

So I was very relieved to go to work today. Ken is spitting mad at having to take care of a smelly dog as well as the rugs, towels, floor, and clothes left by this escapade. I left him looking up recipes on the internet to neutralize skunk odors and shampoo for dogs.

Neko just sat there and laughed and laughed.

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  1. Two words: tomato juice. Or so I've heard; thankfully, we have no personal experience. The malamutes we used to have once treed a raccoon, but never had any encounters with a skunk.