Wednesday, February 19, 2014

At Least One Cat Liked my Sweater

If you remember, I made an adorable sweater in blue and orange for my kitty Neko to celebrate the Super Bowl.  For some reason, Neko just didn't like it. I took a couple of pictures before he got too nasty, and never managed to get a picture or two with his hood up. Maybe a sweater is just too warm for a long-haired cat.

So I gave the sweater to Leo, my lion. Leo is must happier with the sweater than Neko. If you look closely, there is a gleam in his eyes. He doesn't even seem to mind if the hood is up or down. And keep in mind, Leo has a full mane as well.

It just seems to me that if Leo is okay with the Bronco sweater, Neko should be happy as well. After all, wouldn't Leo be more of a Detroit Lion fan instead?

Oh well, back to the needles.

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