Wednesday, September 18, 2013

12-Step Program for Sock Knitters - Step 11

Step 11 - Take personal inventory.

What else could ‘personal inventory’ mean but our Stash?  

I have so much stash that I am almost embarrassed (almost).  Don't hate me, but I don’t have a closet -- I have a stash room. 

I married an architect (32 years ago) and so I have a beautiful and unique house. When Ken built it, he actually told me this room was for my craft supplies. So I can blame my stash collection on him -- I was obligated to fill it up, right? I don’t know why he doesn't see it that way.

This is why I am convincing I will live forever because I can't possibly use all of this in my life time. SABLE, right? (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy).  Good words to life by.

The sad part is that about a third of my stash came from my mother's and my sister-in-law's stash when they passed away. It's fun, though, to make something with those skeins because I seem to think about them the entire time I am knitting.  They must be channeling their way through to my fingers, onto my needles, and holding my yarn, because every now and then, I hear my mom telling me I am knitting too loosely, or my sister-in-law praising my choice of colors. 
One of Neko's favorite hangouts
- the Yarn Room

Yes, Mom, I'm done writing.  Back to the needles. (See what I mean?)

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