Monday, September 16, 2013

12-Step Program for Sock Knitters - Step 9

Step 9: Use meditation to improve our consciousness. 

I have never been able to just sit and meditate even though all the world seems to think this is something we should do. When I am still, my hand itch for yarn and needles. With my eyes closed and silence around me, my brain kicks into gear with my thoughts drifting to knitting. My mind's eye begins to search my file folders of online patterns to determine what I should knit next.  

“I could begin that pair of socks in green with that interesting rib that was on the cover of the new Vogue Knitting” 
“Where is that red yarn that I purchased at the wool festival last year?” 
“Did I use that self-striping orange yarn to knit a hat or is it still in my stash?"

I struggled with my lack of meditation skills for years until I stumbling upon a concept that may be unique to some of us knitters. 

Making socks, and even knitting in general, is a Zen experience. I get enough peace and contentment from knitting as those trying to clear their minds. I knit while thinking about the person I may knitting the piece (or would it be peace?) for: 

  • My husband who has worn through the last pair of socks I made for him; 
  • My friend who is pregnant with the child that she has wanted for years;
  • My cousin who says she looks terrible in hats until she tries on the one I made for her;
  • My son who requested another pair of felted slippers since his apartment gets too cold.
Yeah, this is more my style of meditation. Maybe I can't help inner peace that much, but I can help with inner warmth of the people I love.

Back to the needles.

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