Sunday, August 4, 2013

When the Horse Heads Back to the Stable

Now you are probably wondering what a horse heading back to the stable has to do with knitting, and in particular, knitting socks. Just hold on and you'll see my "logic."

Have you ever gone horseback riding? I talking about when you are on vacation and take the kids on the horseback riding experience. You are put on a lovely mare, usually named Misty or Betsy, who is 'very gentle.' The trail guide gives you some insight into her personality, saying things like, "She needs to know you are in control" or "Don't give her any extra rein or she'll take advantage of it." As you struggle up the trail, trying to keep the reins tight enough so Misty can't nibble the grass along the side, you wonder if this was a good idea.

Then you come to the end of the trail and it is time to turn around. Suddenly Misty is filled with energy. Her step is livelier and her head is higher. It takes half the time to get back to the stable because she just can't move fast enough. You try to slow her down a bit because you are afraid you might fall off her back. She can't wait to get back to her trough of oats. All too soon, the adventure is over.

As I was finishing my gray socks last night, I thought about Misty and her race back to the stable. That's kind of how I finish socks. I don't think I have ever not finished the toe of a sock in one sitting. Once I see the stable (or in my case, the end of the sock), I get my second wind and have to finish it then and there. I can't put those last rows down for any reason. If I can't finish the toe in one sitting, I don't even start.

By the way, the pattern is on Ravelry
So last night, it was 10:30 and I needed to decide if I wanted to complete the sock. However, I got a whiff of the stable and I had to go. My stitches were livelier and my head was high, and I can't move fast enough. I am afraid to slow down because I might fall off (hmm, maybe I am afraid my stitches would fall off instead).

I guess that would make the kitchener stitch my trough of oats.

Back to the needles.


  1. I feel the same way when the end of the sock is near. Love those socks!

  2. Good analogy. And I'm totally with you.

    Nice socks. Pattern and yarn, pleeeeease?

  3. The pattern is Gilly Socks on Ravelry at The yarn is Berraco sock yarn. I think I have had it for years so I don't know if you can get this color anymore.

    1. Thanks! If it's Berroco sock yarn, it might be in my stash.