Saturday, August 17, 2013

Call it Mellow Yellow

Yes, I finally finished my yellow socks and I love them. Remember, this was the pair that I frogged (July 30, 2013) last month. The lace ribbing makes them fit nicely, and I love the whispers of orange popping up throughout the pattern. (Yes, Amber, this is the yellow yarn you bought for me.) I just wish it was cold enough to wear socks again. I do wear socks all year round, but I spend most of the summer in sandals, looking longingly at the weather reports for the first sights of snow -- or even a good cold front.

So I wear yellow on my feet. I don't care if my calves look jaundice. The lace pattern is called Sweetie Pie (check it out on Ravelry). However, I didn't follow the pattern once I calculated the number of stitches involved in the pattern.

Truthfully, I haven't followed a sock pattern itself in years. I'll do the lace pattern and I will even chart it out. There seems to be a poll going on Ravelry or my Yahoo groups and chat rooms about whether written patterns or charts are better.  I have the answer: Both. It shouldn't even be a contest. If you like the pattern and it is not in the method you prefer, buck up and make it work. Although I like the visual simplicity of a chart better than the written word, I never shy away from a written pattern. I will create my own chart as I working on a written pattern if I need to.

Knitting is a zen experience. It is my method of meditation, a path to my happy place. Don't let the fact you can't read a chart or you can't knit continental stop you from enjoying it. I always have several projects going because sometimes I am in the mood to concentrate on a pattern and  learn something new, and other times, I just want to knit a mile a minute.

Meanwhile, I am working on my next pair of socks.  I love these colors!

Back to the needles.

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  1. They look great - well done for finishing them!