Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Yellow Pair of Socks is History

These yellow socks will soon become history. It appears that I don't have enough yarn to finish both socks. I am about to frog the sock and start over. Now before you feel bad for me, please don't. I don't really like the lace pattern anyway. The leg part bags and I just don't feel that they would fit right.

I started to watch the ball of yarn go done dramatically fast, leading me to believe that maybe I wouldn't have enough. So I stopped on Sock 1 just before the toes and started Sock 2. I only finished about half the leg and decided to call it.

I love the color, so I am going to start over with another pattern -- maybe more of a rib pattern than a lace. I haven't decided yet.

The good news is that the green pair are a complete hit. They are just snug enough without being tight and I love the lacy pattern. Now all I need is some cooler weather so I can wear them.

Well, back to the needles -- and the ripping.

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