Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Not Easy Being Green

Several years ago -- I think in the late 1970's -- there was a fad of 'doing your colors.' You would be draped with a variety of fabrics around your face (without makeup) and see the effects of this color on your skin.  Then you would categorized as a Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. I have mine done back then, and discovered a couple of interesting facts.

First, I should just live in purple, which I think I already do. Look in my closet and you will see the entire range of purples from Barely Lavender to Deep Wine. Scattered in is also a variety of blues and blacks, with some reds and pinks. One of the ways to determine your colors is to look at your closet and see what colors you are most comfortable in. There is some theory that we all know what is best for us. If that was true, my life wouldn't be ruled by chocolate.

Secondly, I discovered the color that was lacking in my closet: any shade of yellow. I saw what happened to my skin tones when anything with a yellow tone was put next to my skin. My face turned that same ugly yellow cast. It didn't matter if it was a lime green, peach, or orange (noticing a lot of references to food in my color descriptions. I must be hungry), I look like I am beginning to suffer from liver failure.

But I really love the color yellow. I even have a couple of pieces of yellow in my closet. And that is where they stay. I might put those sweaters or t-shirts on occasionally, but within minutes I end up hanging them back up, and putting on my Colorado Rockies purple t-shirt.

So what can I do? Easy -- make socks! Feet are a long way from my face and I don't care if my feet look a little jaundice. So here are my green socks. I just finished my lacy green socks and I am casting on my yellow socks (yes, Amber, I am finally making socks from that neon yellow yarn you got for me.) Stay tuned to see the socks as they go along.

Back to the needles.

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