Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Peace of Being Snowed In!

My needles are in hand. My coffee cup is hot. My kitty is warming my lap. My bird feeders are full and covered with chick-a-dees, jays, sparrows, and finches. My deer are bedded down in my valley. So even though the snow is piling up, covering the deck, road, and meadow, we are safe and warm. Who could ask for more?

Even Neko knows that life is stopped for a day or two. He seeks out my warm lap and snuggles in. He will stay there as long as I don't try to pet him. He thinks he is stealing the warmth from my lap, but actually he is added some heat to me.

I love days like this. It is like the world is telling us to stop and just enjoy the snow. So far, we have about ten inches and it is supposed to continue snowing until late tonight. We have nearly white-out conditions but since we don't plan to go anywhere today, no problem. I will do a little baking this afternoon to add to the warmth, as well as create wonderful smells to our home.

We filled our birdfeeders yesterday in anticipation of the storm, and our birds are ever so thankful today.


  1. This is truly idyllic!!! love the mountains and getting snowed in!

  2. I hadn't thought about what the deer do in the snow. Looks like it doesn't bother them to bed down in it. Great pics. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. How I wish I could have stayed home Monday to enjoy all that snow! I love that you are able to get such wonderful wildlife shots right from home!