Saturday, February 9, 2013

Neko and the Birds

It is lightly snowing today. These are my favorite days. Nowhere to go, just Ken, Neko and me watching the flakes pill up on our deck. Our feeders are covered with our feathered neighbors, such as sparrows, chick-a-dees, jays, and finches, all enjoying the suet and that sunflower seeds.

We often joke that the only reason we spend $50.00 each winter is to entertain our kitty Neko. That's why we also built this bird stand for him to sit by the window.

What is even more entertaining is our black Neko hiding in the black sink, waiting for the largest number of birds to show up at the feeders, then pouncing toward the glass, making them scatter.

But the birds always reassemble for their dinner once the kitty returns to his perch in the sink. They seem to know there is no danger from the tiny panther behind the glass.

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