Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying to Slow Down

Okay, I am ready for life to slow down a bit. For someone who works at home, it doesn't seem like I have been home much. Between graduation parties, birthday gatherings, setting up for the Renaissance Fair, fixing computers, having to buy a new computer, holiday stuff, stop! How am I supposed to get any knitting done if I am gone all the time? The good news is this week should be a little more relaxing, although the next several weekends are already full. 

One of the highlights of the weekend was the graduation of two of my favorite young people, Becky and Sarah Suzuki. I met their parents at church when Deb was pregnant so I have had the pleasure of watching them grow up into beautiful, intelligent women preparing to leave for college in the fall. I will miss them greatly!
Becky and Sarah wearing hats from the Chris pattern

Spiral scarves from book Scarf Style
Lorne and Dane (my sons) have always thought of Deb and Steve Suzuki as some of the 'beloved adults' in their lives. My youngest son Dane is a classical guitarist today partly because of Steve. I love being part of a village raising kids!

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