Thursday, January 19, 2017

Woolike yarn - I love it!

I usually work with natural fibers because I love the feel of those. I find most acrylic yarn feeling either harsh or cheap. I can't even describe it adequately. Most of the acrylic yarns I have in my stash were inherited from my mother's or sister-in-law's stash, and they just sit on the shelves in my craft room. (Yes, I have a craft room --- room!)  I even admit that rarely purchase yarn from the craft box stores, preferring to haunt my LYS (local yarn store).

But I have to admit I have fallen in love with one of the bad boys of the yarn world in Loops and Threads Woolike. I think it is only available at Michaels. My mother would not approve! But Mama, it feels so good. (Okay, this is getting weird).

So for the time being, I will play on the dark side of cheap yarn until it breaks my heart. I have a feeling that it will pill up on me and lose its beautiful clean lines. I made the two hats in blue and navy, and red and black. I am working on writing up the pattern for the hats, so check back to find another pattern. The fingerless are in lavender and purple.

I just started a shawl using the pure white and it is turning out lovely. I'll keep you appraised of its progress over the next few days.

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