Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017
Signed, Neko
So it is finally 2017. I have to tell you that I was not a fan of 2016. In fact, it really, really sucked. I won't go into all the celebrities who passed away this year, or how politics did not go my way this year. It was also a time to break away from long time acquaintances and institutions. We left the church we spent the last 25 years and it is strange that we don't even miss it.
Dane and Christina

But there are some great things to look forward in the new year. Our son Dane is getting married this year. He and Christina are planning on tying the knot on September 16th. We are already deep in plans for the ceremony and reception which will be just down at the community center here in Roxborough. I can't wait to welcome this wonderful young woman with a heart of gold to join our family. These two young people will make a difference in the world.  They spend part of their summer in Guatemala working in a school/orphanage and have decided that is what they want to do with their lives in the future. Dane is working on his master's degree in non-profit accounting and after that, Christina is looking to getting her college degree too. I am so proud of them.

Our older son Lorne is still in LA working as a film editor. He finally landed a full time editing job (with benefits!) after freelancing for a couple of years. The company has some high profile clients such as Disney doing 360-visual effects. Also he is connecting with lots of good people and establishing a great group of friends. Although he still calls himself a Colorado guy, he is becoming more and more California all the time. He was able to come home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year so we were able to re-connect more than just on the phone.

And then there is Ken and me. I retired this year and for the first month, I didn't even talk to anyone except Ken. I loved the solitude and lack of responsibility. I actually started working at the age of 5 on the farm, so it was so unique to not have to be somewhere, meet with someone or have to do something. I am slowly pulling out of that solitude but reluctantly. That is unusual for an extrovert like me. Ken is semi-retired, only picking up remodel jobs that he really wants to be. We plan to do some major traveling this next year. We are thinking of doing the Pacific Highway this spring. We really love road trips and Ken is the most fun to travel with. We listen and discuss books on tape while stopping at the multiple roadside attractions along the way, taking pictures, hiking, listening to locals and learning about the area (all the time while I knit).

So that's how 2017 is looking for us. I don't address politics in my blog so I will spare you with that. My next blog will be about the knitting I have been doing for the past month
Guatemala trip
Bella with Dane

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