Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Colorado Baby Hat

A friend of mine is having a baby in a couple of months. I wanted to give her a Colorado hat (see the entry of November 17, 2012), but I designed my hat for an adult. So I decided to try a few modifications to fit a wee head.

I basically used the same pattern as the adult hat with a sock yarn and size 2 needles. I reduced the number of stitches by 12 (96 to 84), but I kept the stitches of the design the same. It turned out really nice and I think baby Reagan will really like it. The yarn is a cotton and bamboo blend so it will be fine for a spring baby. The baby is a girl but this hat is perfect for both boys and girls.

Tonight I am finishing my purple shawl. I swear. Only a couple of rows to do, but since it's the bottom of the shawl, there are about a million stitches in one row.

Well, back to the needles. Those rows won't do it themselves.

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