Saturday, November 30, 2013

After Thanksgiving Blues -- and Purple and Greens and Reds

Lorne's Vegetarian Turkey

Ahhh! Thanksgiving is over. The dishes are all washed and put away until the next holiday. I finished my job last week and start my new job on Monday. The house is clean(ish) and all the company has returned to their respective homes. The house belongs to me again and I am going to spend the next two days knitting. I will finish my purple shawl (wait until you see it). I am making a Colorado hat for my pregnant friends and some fingerless gloves for another friend. I don't plan to move from my knitting chair until Monday.

The "under 30" group
I hope all you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful. My son Lorne made a vegetarian turkey and Dane, Ken, Lorne played music.

Back to the needles.

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