Saturday, June 29, 2013

When Does It Get Too Hot to Knit?

The entire western part of the United States is suffering with one of the worst heat waves in history. Temperatures were close to 100 degrees yesterday and there are places west of us that have even higher temperatures. Since we don't have air conditioning, it is really miserable. We used to have summers here in Colorado in the 80's with an occasional 90 degree day in mid-summer. Now we have more and more days in the 90's and the lack of air conditioning is becoming more apparent. And like I have mentioned before -- I really, really hate hot weather.

So what to knit on days like this? Usually I can handle hats or socks because they don't cover my lap while I knit. However, I have this overwhelming desire to knit sweaters right now. I am working on a blue hoodie in a worsted that I want to work on, but I can't stand the idea of it on my lap -- the sweater is done and I am working on the hood so there is a lot sweater below.

So what should I work on when all I want to work on is heavy sweaters? I have an entire room full of yarn downstairs begging to handled, so maybe I need to go look for some sock yarn and a fun pattern. Hopefully that will get me inspired. In the meantime, come on snow!

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  1. I hope your temperatures cool off soon. I don't know what I would do without A/C. I certainly wouldn't be able to knit. :-(