Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The February Sweater is Done!

Yes, it's done, but with temperatures in the 90's, I will not be able to wear it for a few months. I wish I could have made it about six inches longer because the sweater ends right in the middle of my hips -- not exactly the best place to end.  Once I finished the casting off, I had about four yards of red yarn left. 

Although it looks okay on me, I have to admit that if I tried this sweater on in a store, I probably would not have bought it. It is a little too bulky for an already bulky figure. But I love the color and I look good in red. 

I was ready to start on a project with some of the yarn I purchased at the Wool Festival, but as I was looking for some needles in my craft room, I ran across a sweater I started a couple of years ago. I was overcome with the desire to finish it. It is already about 75% done, so it would be a short term project. I am working on it, even though I still won't be able to wear it until the fall. I think I will put a hood on it too because I have plenty of yarn.

Back to the needles.