Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Tiger in my Dreams

I think I need someone to interpret my dreams.

I have a recurring dream. Well, actually, not really a total dream, but a visit in my dream. About once a month for as long as I can remember, a tiger visits me in my dreams. She is not the subject of my dream, but more of a pass by. There are some consistent points about this dream.

- She often just walks through the dream with no reason. The story of the dream doesn't stop, nor does it acknowledge that she passed by. It's like she is trying to remind me of something.
- Sometimes she appears outside of the place in my dream as if to warn me not to come outside.
- She is not dangerous. I am not afraid of her nor is anyone else in my dream.
- A couple of times, she is on a leash being held by a high-fashioned woman. There was even one time that the woman had two tigers on leashes.
-  I had these visits my entire adult life, so it doesn't have anything to do with Neko.
- Occasionally the dream is about the tiger herself, but I don't remember any of the stories.
- I think she appears so often because she is trying to tell me something. Something that I am forgetting to do.
- I have a feeling of comfort when I see her. That's why I don't think she is a warning of any kind.
- I do seem to get more visits and more detailed visits from my tiger when I am in a state of transition. I am looking for a job and worried that I am not getting much response from employers.

Since my dream tiger is a cat, it has to have something to do with my love of cats. I grew up on a farm and was surrounded by cats. They were known as common barn cats, and our cats actually lived in the barn. They was very affectionate and loving animals. If you sat down on the ground, you would covered and rubbed by dozens of cats. In fact when I was 10, I counted 56 cats on the farm and every single one was named. Since it was a dairy farm, Dad would pour milk into pans for them. He would also cut open a large bag of dog food for them to feed on. Obviously, I never saw a mouse the entire time I was growing up. The birds also stayed away from our barnyard.

So, if anyone knows why a tiger is visiting my dreams, I would welcome any theories.


  1. I wished I could assist but the Tiger's strength, silence and purpose can be signs of what is within you. I have two that accure in mine a Bear which is my solo self, my protective side towards my children both two and four legged and then there is the coyote which is the trickster - that is to keep you aware and knowing that all you see is not reality. Good luck with the Tiger and luck for you it is never hungry....

  2. The bigger the cat, the better the comfort and protection? I'm cat people also, and sometimes have a black panther come and curl up in my dream bed with me. Usually he's protecting me against someone or something.

  3. I like that most of the comments from here and a couple of other places I have checked state my tiger is power and protection. I need some of both right now so my tiger is welcomed!