Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Lace!! It's Taking Over!

Lace reminds me of clouds!

I am still on my lace kick, making two shawls at the same time. The colors of these yarns are striking so it is very fun to knit. The colors change as you knit; one is lavender, pink, and light blue; the other is pink, orange and yellow. It's a basic and simple lace but it makes a wonderful fabric that looks a lot difficult that it is. It is just stockinette with every other knit row of yarn over and knit two together.  You also increase four stitches with every knit row.  I'll write up the pattern once I am done with one of the shawls and have blocked it.

It's a great pattern for travelling because it is simple and elegant. I use circular needles because then I always have all my needles without checking. More than once I have thrown a project in my knitting bag, only to find out later that I either forgot to pack to the second needle, or I lost it somewhere along the way.

Not that I am getting to travel much these days. Still looking for work, so I am getting a lot of knitting done. Seems like when I have time to travel, I don't have the money, and when I have the money, I don't have the time. I spend a couple of hours each day checking the ads online and applying to jobs while trying to 'hide' my age so they will at least take a look at my qualifications first.Then I spend the rest of the day knitting Alas.

The yellow strip is coming up next on the pink shawl.

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