Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let Sleeping Cats Choose Their Spot

This is the bed I made for him.
He slept in it for about three days
My cat Neko never seems to sleep in the same place more than a couple of days. I have purchased adorable beds and rugs over the years for him, but all these items are gathering dust in the store room. I have knitted and felted elaborate    cat beds and pads. He will sleep on them for a day or so, and then he crawls under the piano for the next set of naps.

Although we got Neko when he was 14 weeks old, I think he learned some valuable survival skills before he came to his forever home. He must have been feral for awhile because there is no other explanation for his behavior. By sleeping in a different place every night, no human could find him and pat him and rub his back. 

These skills help him in his current home environment. He can hide from my brush when it is time to groom his fur. He can avoid the clippers when it is time to do his claws. He can disappear when I want to hold and cuddle him. But he is still close enough in case someone opens the refrigerator to dispense food or a back door opens in hopes of escape. He has a pretty nice life.

"Piles of clothes change frequently.
This is a good place to hide."

"You know she makes all these
yarn things just for me."

"Nothing like a sunshine
puddle for a nap."

"Yes! Clean laundry basket!
You never know when
 I will hack up a hair ball."

"Someone needs to take that camera
away from her."
"Another laundry basket. Yay!"

"When I get tired of sleeping,
I can always scratch my bed."
"If I sleep by the back door,
maybe someone will accidentally
open it and let me out."
"Can you get go away and let me sleep?"

"Boxes are always appropriate."
"Black goes with everything."

"Which basket to sleep in?
Don't worry, I'll get to both."


  1. Way to go Neko! You definitely rule this household! Neo and Trinity, my black cats, both look up to you!

  2. I too had a black cat and I think they are all alike. Sweet pea was the exact same way. So was my sons black cat. Love your writing.