Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yarn Crawl - Yarn Along the Rockies

Here we are with our Yarn Passports, trying to fill them up
We just had the most wonderful event here along the Front Range. 22 yarn shops in 9 days. I didn't make it all 22, but I get to 12 of them.  There were several stores I didn't even know existed. I think that was the whole idea of the Crawl.

My friend Joan Bradt and I spent the entire day going from store to store, touching alpaca, stroking merino wool, and evaluating colors. We didn't buy much, but we did add to our wish lists

Just one of the beautiful shawl
projects we came across
Every store had a gift basket give-away, and there was some grand prizes for those who got to all 22 stores. All along the way, we would run into the same group of women, also going store to store, obviously following the yarn trail we were on.  I wondered if there was a string of yarn following us.

Joan can't decide which one to get.
We ran into two young women who completed their passport with every store. They did the crawl over four days all during school hours. They had to pick up their kids by 2:30 every day so they were booking it. I hope one of them win the grand prize. That kind of dedication deserves it. The grand prize is worth over $1000 in yarn and yarn doo-dads. Oh, what I could do with that.

There was that unpleasant incident at Knitty Cat though
This was the first year and it was such a success that the stores are already planning on next year's crawl.  I am putting it on my calendar and saving my pennies. To see the web site, go to I didn't get to the Boulder, Colorado Springs, or the mountain stores -- but next year for sure!!

After going to 12 stores in one day, it was a very tiring day.
At least Joan ended up in the alpaca pile.


  1. An interesting event! I don't recall seeing publicity about it. How did the word go out?

    Thanks for the pictures, well worth a thousand words!

    Michelle in New Mexico

  2. Since this was the first year they did it, word got out from the yarn stores' newsletters and walk ins. That how I heard about it. The stores admit they didn't really know what to expect. Next year, they will be better prepared with more inventory, bags and giveaways. For instance, the little shop in Castle Rock order 75 bags for the 9 day crawl, and they were all gone by Saturday morning! I went to five shops on Monday after the first weekend, and none of the stores had promotional bags or buttons (Bag were purchased but buttons were free).

    The cool part was that no one was upset that they ran out so soon. Everyone was excited that it was so successful!!

  3. I sat this one out. I tend to avoid crowds. But it might have been fun to do with a friend, my CO friend was working and unavailable. Plus this years finances are tight, I do not need the temptation. I get enough of that going to the two yarn shops that are near me!
    --elizaduckie (Rav)