Sunday, September 2, 2012

Every Lacy Shawl Needs a Little Cat Hair

Yes, that dark spot in the lower right is Neko,
checking out the best spot to shed his fur.
I made this shawl about a year ago and never got around to blocking it until now. As I was going through some yarn in my craft room, I ran across it. Seemed like as good a time as any to finish it. This yarn is Alpaca Lace in a light lavender. The pattern is in the Victorian Lace book -- I think. Like I said, it's been over a year since I finished the knitting part of it.

And with all blocking projects, Neko has to lay stake and claim to it. Now it is a hot day, and the dampness of shawl from the blocking process has to be appealing. But it won't matter if the shawl was wet and damp, or pre-heated and toasty. He would still have to lay on it.  

It could also be the appeal of the vortex. The lavender against the navy blue carpet is very striking and the swirls center the energy down. 

Neko is using the vortex to travel to another dimension by way of a lavender highway where there are no yapping dogs or other cats to annoy him, nothing but tuna treats in the food dish, cream cheese whenever he wants it, a sunny spot to nap filled with the essence of catnip, and he could finally do outside.

Neko is still there in this lavender dream world. I can't pull up the pins until he is done or he may not make it back. Hopefully. he will be back by breakfast. 

Remember, cats are magical creatures. 


  1. Beautiful shawl!! In our house everything has a touch of dog hair, 4 furbabies allow us to take care of them! Have really enjoyed your blog, just found a short time ago. Caught up on the trip to Canada, beautiful pictures. I also have 2 sons, soon to be 24 and 37 on Sept 22. [born on same day, 13 yrs apart]
    Glad I found your blog, interesting, beautiful pictures and fun personality.

  2. Thanks Marianne. I think I am frustrated comedy writer, so my blog gives me an outlet. Be sure to check out my view of Neko with library books (March 2012). I am thinking about writing a children's book about it.

  3. Beautiful shawl, handsome cat. I never go anyplace without a little cat hair.

  4. I think it's time to knit Neko a handsome vest of his own.

    And, our home is known as "The Zoo" with friends and family since we have 3 cats, 1 small parrot, and 3 Pomeranians. Yep, they are our children and we love them dearly, fur/feathers and all. Hugs to Neko. :)


  5. A vest? Maybe, but I made him a hat once. He didn't like it.
    Go figure.

  6. Beautiful shawl and cat!
    I often wonder why so many (me too) knitters have cats?!
    Interesting read about the dig, archeology is one of my interests apart from knitting.