Monday, February 27, 2012

We have a ghost

I think we have a ghost.  She’s not your normal ghost – if there is such as a thing as a normal ghost.  She doesn’t appear in a wispy form at the top of the stairs. She doesn’t blow cold air on the back of your neck. She doesn’t even make strange sounds that go bump in the night.  In fact, neither Ken nor I have never seen, felt or heard this ghost. But Neko has.
I think it is a ghost of Sadie. Sadie was a stray cat that adopted us about 10 year ago. One spring day, she showed up at our front door, loving and affectionate. I am sure that she was accidentally left behind when someone moved because no one would leave this kitty behind on purpose. I tried to make her an indoor cat, but she wouldn’t have it. She had to be outside. She would come into the house to be fed and take a nap.  Of course, out here in the foothills, outdoor cats don’t last very long. She showed up one day very thin and sick. We took her to a vet, which was something since she was not our cat, and found out that she had been bitten by a rattlesnake.  After the vet discounted the bill since she was a stray, we had to let her go. It hurt as bad as if she was my cat – which I think she was.  That’s why she came to live with us – as a ghost!
Now Neko plays with her ghost.  He chases her through the hallway and up the stairs. He pounces on her, stalks her around the pantry corner, and bats at her with his paw.  He plays as if there is another cat here. 
I always said that if all cats were like Sadie, everyone would have a cat. However, if all cats were like Neko, no one would have one.

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