Saturday, April 29, 2017

Snowed in and --- wait! It's April!

It really is April (very late April, in fact).

It really is Spring.

But here in the foothills of Colorado, we have about 18 inches --- so far. It is still snowing and we should have another 6 inches by this evening. This is why we are all warned not to plant anything outside until after Mother's Day.

Now one of the major things you need to know about me is I love snowy days and cold weather so I am loving this last hurrah of winter. I figured someone has to love winter weather and it appears that is me.

Wine -- check!
Movies from the library -- check!
Lots of yarn -- check!
Chili in the crockpot -- check!
Snowed in -- Priceless!

But it will all be gone by Monday or Tuesday when the temperatures go back into the 80s. I guess summer will come after that.

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  1. I am so freaking jealous!!!! I don't think SE Connecticut will get another puff of Winter (we didn't have enough as it was sniff, sniff). I remember winters from back in the mid-1950's when I was a child and I could skate on the pond at the beginning of November. Those were the days!