Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fingers Furiously Flying for Fingerless

I put this pair up on Etsy.  You can see it at
The color is periwinkle and has a lattice design.
This one has sold.
I have been designing and knitting fingerless gloves for years, but none more than the last few months. Fingerless gloves are popular today, but they are actually from the Victorian era. At those times, a young lady was expected to learn to play music and sing, as well as do needlecrafts such as knitting, embroidery, and sewing. To keep her hands warm but still free to play the piano, fingerless gloves were not only fashionable, but functional. 

This is a pine tree design on
the back of the hand. I plan to do some
more of these next year. This one
has also been sold.
Now these gloves are in fashion as computer gloves.  In order to stave off the chills of low thermostats in the winter or air conditioning in the summer, these gloves made working on computer keyboards a must.  They are also called texting gloves, allowing thumbs to racing across cell phones keypads while keeping hands warm.  No matter what you use them for, they are a delightful accessory. Here are some of my gloves. 

I am in the process of designing a black pair with a rose motif. I will also be selling this pattern, so stay tuned.

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